Cool Runnings

Accommodation: TEV Members receive the volunteer discount at Cool Runnings lodge

The Ethical Volunteer was set up to help places like Cool Runnings: a small, unassuming lodge located along the shores of Lake Malawi in the heart of Senga Bay fishing village, it supports a variety of projects in the local community that are, in turn, doing their best to make Senga Bay a better place for all its who live there.
In general, Cool Runnings does not instigate projects but supports initiatives set up by local community members that are tackling some need in the community. This help comes in the form of advice, funding and volunteers. Sam, the owner of the lodge, donates 45% of her profits to the projects she supports and sustainability is at the core of her work. Living in the community, not only does Sam have an intimate knowledge of the challenges faced but her love and respect for the people is tangible. Sam helps out with everything in the community, from soccer to agriculture and vocational training to dragging people to the local hospital to donate blood. Her enthusiasm is infectious and working with Sam you can’t help having that enthusiasm rub off on you!
There are many on-going projects, so have a look through the list below and email Sam with your skills and experience to see if there is a place for you with the projects in Senga Bay.

Current projects:

  • Sport: Cool Runnings have supported the local football club since its inception over 8 years ago. Run by local volunteer coaches, Cool Runnings helps with volunteers and funding for equipment, tournaments and currently with their bid to build a clubhouse. Cool Runnings also carries out an annual “Olympics”, a sporting event in the village which encourages involvement in all manner of sporting activities. 
  • Education: Cool Runnings works with local nursery school, Safe Haven, along with a vocational training centre which aims to promote self employment in the Senga Bay area.
  • Health Care:  As a trained nurse Sam carries out an informal clinic a number of times a week, assisting those with health problems that cannot afford the local hospital. Sam also supports the local hospital and drags any willing body in to donate blood and organises First Aid and Life Saving workshops for the community.
  • Agriculture: Cool Runnings is supporting a pilot fish farming project in the village and is also assisting with a vegetable garden at the local primary school

Current Volunteer Opportunities:
Sam co-ordinates many opportunities and welcomes applications from those with a background in:

  • Health care
  • Sports Training
  • Construction
  • Gardening/Permaculture/Fish Farming
  • Nursery/Primary school teaching
  • Carpentry
  • Event/project management
  • Business start-up/development
  • Fundraising/Marketing

Requirements: One month minimum stay.

Accommodation: Ethical Volunteer Members will receive the usual discount of 50 Euro off the first month and 10% thereafter at Cool Runnings Lodge.

Getting Around: Everywhere in Senga Bay is within walking distance but if you are going further afield it will most likely be in Sams smiley Jeep!


Contact Cool Runnings to apply for current volunteer opportunities


Giving blood... not my favorite past-time.

Giving Blood

Sams dog looking after her car

car and dog



Location of Senga Bay, Lake Malawi