Cheka School

Cheka has signed up to The Ethical Volunteers' Code of Practice but we are yet to visit and personally vet the project. The following information has been submitted by the project.

Cheka Foundation UK works in the Sakina area of Arusha in Tanzania. Its focal point is the education of up to 50 pre-primary children. We aim to give the children a solid educational foundation teaching the basics of Kiswahili, English, Maths and Art before they attend at Government School at 7 years of age. We hope to find sponsors for the children to attend at a well established and highly reputable primary school. Cheka also supports those children who cannot find sponsors by ensuring that when they leave Cheka they are able to attend at the local Government School. We also provide extra English and Maths lessons for those children on a daily basis so that they are geared up for attending at Secondary School. Cheka Foundation also works in the Sakina community to support the children?s families and assist them in starting small family businesses and making home improvements when funding is available. There are also daily adult literacy classes for the parents.

Current Projects

  • Teaching pre primary and primary age children as well as some of their parents.
  • Setting up small family businesses and making home improvements. We are currently preparing to profile each child that has been at Cheka since 2010 and assess their home situation in detail, with the aim of attracting sponsorship for each family.

Current Volunteer Opportunities and Requirements:
There are opportunities for up to four volunteers at Cheka all year round. Although we welcome all volunteers from all backgrounds, ideally we are seeking student or fully qualified primary school teachers. We also welcome those that are experienced in farming and building to assist with our projects.

Volunteers will work alongside local teachers every day from 8am until 4:30pm (although those helping with side-projects may not be in the class room all day).

Accommodation: Volunteer accommodation is on site (the children leave once the school day is finished). The house has one shared bedroom with electricity, water, shower, western toilet, kitchen and living room. There is also an en suite outhouse. We are able to accommodate for couples and can move single beds and bunk beds around if and when the need arises.

Costs: The Ethical Volunteer Members pay 160 GBP per month, though those that have fundraised will pay 100 GBP per month. It is self catering and typical food budget is around 30 GBP per week.

Getting around: The volunteer house is onsite so there is no transport issue with getting to work (though be advised the children arrive early!!). Otherwise, there are a number of small businesses in the area where volunteers can buy vegetables, rice, bread etc. Cheka is a ten minute walk from Sakina?s main where you can catch a dala dala Arusha town (a ten minute journey). Arusha itself has everything you could need, from pizza places, to cinemas, to atms.

Activities: Sitting in the shadow of the massive extinct volcano Mount Meru (4600m+ high yet always overlooked in favour of its even more imposing neighbour, Kilimanjaro) and the traditional starting point for a safari to the world famous Serengeti, there is no shortage of activities to do at the weekend, from hiking to waterfalls and lakes, to game viewing, to visiting local markets. However, safaris and climbs can costs as much as your flights, so budget well!!


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