Shitima School

Accommodation: TEV Members receive the volunteer discount at Luangwa Safari Lodge

About Shitima: Shitima school was founded in 2003 in order to benefit the disadvantaged children of Kabwe and the informal housing communities of the area. Kabwe was once a thriving community, its industry built up around the local lead mines. However, the closure of the mines in 1994 lead to large scale unemployment and this blow to the economic development of the town was then compounded by the devastation of the AIDS epidemic, which virtually wiped out a generation of adults. This has resulted in large scale poverty in the Kabwe area with many vulnerable or orphaned children left with very few options or opportunities to make something of their lives. This is where Shitima comes in.
The Ethical Volunteer comes across many schools and educational facilities in our travels and these can range from informal class-under-a-tree setting, to well established, structured and managed facilities catering for 100’s of students.  Shitima not only falls into the latter category, it tops the scale. It is a very impressive establishment providing primary and secondary education for grades 1 through 12, along with housing for 96 of their orphaned or homeless students. In addition, they also run a skills training program aimed towards equipping their pupils with practical skills. They focus primarily upon the most vulnerable and at-risk members of the youth population in the area, with an emphasis on helping orphans and street children find their feet again through the power of education.

Current projects/activities:

  • Primary School Grades 1-7
  • Secondary School Grades 8-12
  • Resident Home (96 pupils, ages 11 to 20)
  • Skills Training Program – Agriculture, Tailoring and Metal Fabrication
  • Remedial/Restheirce Room for catch-up and enriched study
  • School Production Garden
  • Poultry House
  • School Shop
  • Soccer Club and other sports programmes.

Current Volunteer Opportunities: Shitima is interested in working with committed and talented people who are in a position to add value to their operation. Candidates proficient in the following fields will be considered:

  • Education
  • Social Work
  • Medical
  • Trade and Vocational Training
  • Carpentry and Construction/Building
  • Agriculture and Animal Husbandry
  • Small Business and Entrepreneurship
  • Fund Raising
  • Community Outreach and Partnership
  • Sports
  • Arts, Drama, Music

Requirements: Duration of stay required will vary based on the nature of the program put together for the volunteer. Shitima will work with prospective candidates to outline the intentions and goals of the placement.

Accommodation: Volunteers stay at Luangwa Safari Lodge or in the volunteer housing provided by Shitima School (shared with Sables volunteers).

Getting there: Transport to and from the airport can be arranged by the project. Volunteers may wish to purchase a bicycle during their stay as everything in Kabwe is within cycling distance (the school is 2km from the town centre, which is where the local supermarkets along with the Shitima volunteer housing and Sambia Safari Lodge are located).

Contact: Cluny MacPherson

Phone number:+260978398616

Contact Shitima to apply for current volunteer opportunities

Shitima School

Vocational Training

Vocational Training


Tailoring Class

Tailoring Class


On the way to school....

Kids on the way to school


Location of Kabwe, Zambia