Lifupa Conservation Lodge and ACT to Protect
Lifupa Conservation Lodge is a social enterprise that aims to protect and conserve Kasungu National Park. The lodge is run by the Quelccaya Foundation which is carrying out its “Act to Protect” mandate within the park. The founders believe it is time for people to act: act to protect Kasungu National Park, to promote a return of diverse wildlife to the area and to work towards poverty alleviation in the surrounding communities. Set up by a group of Dutch professionals with experience in volunteering, business and development work across Africa, South America and the Netherlands, Lifupa Conservation Lodge funds the various activities being carried out under the Act to Protect Mandate within the Park.

Current projects: See attached pdf for full description of each project

ACT to Protect and Lifupa Lodge take a holistic approach towards conservation, linking biodiversity conservation, the livelihoods of the local people and the possibilities for sustainable business development. Currently they are focusing on the following projects:

  • Children and Nature: the development of children’s awareness of nature and biodiversity conservation. Activities include Theatre, Art, Food, Gardening, Photography and Film Making
  • Business development: assist local entrepreneurs or cooperatives with funds and knowledge in order to improve their business case and make their businesses more sustainable.
  • Adaptive Agricultural Development: regional adaptation of agricultural related livelihoods strategies to the changing environment and reducing pressure on Kasungu National Park.
  • Renewable Energy: reducing the region’s dependence on non-renewable energy sources and finding alternatives.
  • Responsible & Slow Tourism: defining opportunities for local communities and enhancing sustainable tourism opportunities in Kasungu region.
  • Lifupa Conservation Lodge Educational Centre: on-site educational centre visiting for school and community groups
  • Case Study for Red List of Ecosystems
  • Inventory of flora and fauna
  • Primates Release Programme: working with the team responsible for releasing rescued and rehabilitated wildlife in Kasungu Nat Park
  • Alternatives to firewood: focusing on the alternatives to firewood

Volunteer Opportunities:

Volunteer roles are broken into the following categories, depending on skills and experience, see attached pdf for more information:

  • Impact Leaders are people who are willing, capable and able to set-up a project and to identify and manage multi-stakeholder activities that fit within the Conservation Business Plan and that are Climate-, Nature- and People-friendly.
  • Participants are people who are capable of implementing a pre-defined activity.
  • Student Participants are able to work independently, to set up and lead their own project but still need support from a supervisor


Lifupa is a social enterprise and all programs with Act to Protect are carried out under supervision and alongside local participants. For this reason, volunteers are required to cover their costs and in some cases this will cover project implementations costs and donations to running costs. Costs vary by volunteer role and relate to supervision needs and skills/experience of the volunteer. Students are given a discounted rate. Why pay to volunteer in conservation?

Impact Leaders: E 500 per month
Participants: E 1250 per month.
Student Participants :E 650 per month

All TEV Members receive a 10% discount on these costs.

Costs include: Accommodation, all meals, and airport pick up along with project specific cost (see attached pdf for more details)


Lifupa Conservation Lodge is in the heart of the Kasungu National Park and is the quintessential bush experience: very beautiful and very remote. When you are told to watch out for the hippos on your way to bed, you know you are in the bush! Get used to rising at dawn, getting your days work done before the heat of the afternoon sun sends you seeking shelter, reading a book by candle light in the evening and sleeping to the sounds of various wildlife outside your window each night. Volunteers will stay at the volunteer house on site which includes twin rooms, a sitting room and kitchen. You can cook for yourselves, though buying food is a problem, so all meals are taken at the lodge.


Lifupa Lodge is a bush lodge in the heart of Kasungu National Park which caters for budget camping up to high-end chalets. As a volunteer you get to experience all this beautiful setting has to offer and avial of all facilities, including:

  • a restaurant catering for vegertarians and vegans
  • a well stoked bar
  • lounge areas and lake viewing areas
  • board games and book swap


Lifupa lodge is within a National Park and there is no direct access to shops. Volunteers should bring everything with them to the park, though staff will frequently carry out shopping trips to the town (around 1 hour drive away) and so you will be able to place orders when needed. Also, Lifupa Lodge is a “bush lodge” and so electricity is not constant but there is a generator which is turned on every day, allowing for recharging.

Lifupa Conservation Lodge and ACT to Protect


Womens group making vegetarian sausages


A ranger looks on as the released baboons go about their morning tasks


Lifupa supports the local primary school


Local primary school kids get involved in spreading the word (or in this case, songs) on conservation

Location of Kasungu National Park