Kabwe Town and Luangwa Safari Lodge

Kabwe is a friendly little town that has seen better days. Once a thriving mining community it is now somewhat forlorn, caught between the past and the future, waiting for something new to come along.  That “something new” seems to be its children, as the focus is put on supporting and educating the youth so that they may, in the future, breathe some life back into the dormant town. 
Nevertheless, while the town may be a little run down, you can still get everything you need. The ubiquitous South African supermarket chain, ShopRite, is on hand to sell you anything you could need from jam to batteries to tampons, and there are plenty of ATMs, post offices, pharmacies etc in the town. Kabwe is also a very handy size as everything is within cycling/walking distance and after a few days you will easily find your way around its blocks of residential and commercial streets. 
It is the type of place where you fall into the pattern of bed early/up early and on your days off you will learn to make your own fun, visiting the houses of friends, sharing a drink at Luangwa Safari Lodges or finally getting around to tackling your “must read” book list.
It may not be the most glamorous location but a determined volunteer with the right skill set could certainly get stuck into some of the inspiring work that may see things change for the better for this town.

Projects in Kabwe:

Getting there: To get to Kabwe you must first pass through Lusaka. If you arrive late, spend the night in Kalulu Backpackers and catch a 2 hour bus ride to Kabwe the next morning. There are plenty of buses to Kabwe, though I would advise taking a large interprovincial bus from the main station rather than the local buses (which leave from across the road from the main station) as they are safer and you are guaranteed a seat.

Where to stay: Luangwa Safari Lodge (see below)

Tourist Activities: To be honest there is not a lot going on close to Kabwe, but if you have a few days off either side of your volunteering, be sure to get yourself to South Luangwa or Kafue Game Parks and down to Victoria Falls.


Luangwa Safari Lodge

Luangwa Safari lodge is exactly what it says on the tin – it is a safari lodge in the centre of Kabwe town. Complete with thatched roofed huts,  its a little haven within the town, offering a genial bar, communal dining and very welcome swimming pool. The lodge is the preferred accommodation for volunteers, NGO workers and others work in/passing through the town for a few days.  It has a small bar that always great for a sundowner that is general closed up by 10 o clock or so (except on the odd day when there is soccer on or at the weekend when it will be open longer). There is no music however and so it is not going to keep you up if you fancy an early night.
The lodge was built entirely by its German owner, Burkhard, and lends itself to a friendly atmosphere while still affording enough space for people relax alone. The communal dinners also encourage a social atmosphere and this is reinforced by the weekly movie and pizza nights.
The lodge is a great home to return to after a long days work and great way to meet fellow travellers and volunteers.
Accommodation type: Volunteer rooms are one of three en-suite private/twin A-Frame chalets. The lodge also have larger chalets and apartments more suited to larger groups & families (though these do not come under the deal offered to Ethical Volunteer Members) .
Ethical Volunteer Membership Deal:  All card carrying members are can avail of a long term stay deal of 600 Euro for  A-Frame  chalet with breakfast, dinner, wifi and laundry included.  Food is served in the communal outside restaurant and is really, really good!

  • Wifi
  • Swimming pool
  • Laundry
  • Bar
  • Buffet style restaurant for breakfast and dinner serving very good food!
  • Projector screen for tv/movies in the communal area
  • Stone Oven for Pizza night

Getting Around:  Luangwa Safari Lodge is a ten minute walk from town and a maximum 30 minute walk to projects. We would recommend buying a bicycle.

Booking: email sambiasafari@gmail.com and quote your Ethical Volunteer ID number

Luangwa Safari Lodge


Introduction to Kabwe and its people

The Makalulu Compound and Sables Drop-in Centre for Street Kids


Map Kabwe