Jolly Boys

Jolly boys is the quintessential backpackers (literally the best facilities I have seen in a backpackers throughout Eastern and Southern Africa!) and with their responsible tourism program and links with local organisations such as YEDS and Wayawaya, they are an obvious partner for TEV.
Jollyboys run not just one but two facilities, and while the “backpackers” in the centre of town is a favorite with the masses, we preferred the quieter setting of the “campsite”, located a ten minute walk from the towns centre. Calling it a “campsite” is a misnomer: while it has camping facilities it also has everything that the “backpackers” has, from dorms to A-frames to private en-suite rooms, along with cooking facilities, a bar which serves food, a pool table, a swimming pool and plenty of areas to sit back and relax with a book in the evening sunshine. The main difference is that the “backpackers” in town has a lot more traffic/turnover and a better menu (or, to be honest, a better managed kitchen due to higher demand) while the “campsite” is less frequented, has longer term stays, more open spaces, a much larger self-cook kitchen and is actually cheaper.
Basically, if you want lots of people to chat with/go out with/organise activities with, then stay in the “backpackers”. If you want peace and space to yourself, go to the “campsite”. Either way, both places are well equipped, within 10 minutes’ walk of the supermarkets, banks and markets and are pleasant, clean and safe.


  • Restaurant
  • Bar
  • Self catering kitchen
  • Swimming pool
  • Wifi
  • Computers
  • Book swap
  • Pool table
  • Information/activities centre
  • Sun loungers
  • Reading areas
  • Garden

Costs: TEV Members are......

  • Camping
  • Dorms
  • A-Frames
  • Chalets

Getting there:
Flying International: Many international flights will now include a stop in Livingstone. The airport is 15 minutes from the town and Jollyboys can arrange a taxi pick-up.
Flying internally: For those coming from areas such as Mfuwe, Chipata or the Copperbelt it may be worth your while looking into a flying with Pro-Flight. If you have a lot of baggage this might not be an option as you are allowed 15 kg max, but if you can travel light and are willing to take your chances and show up at the airport, you can pick up last minute deal on internal flights.
Bus: Livingstone is a major stop along the way for buses travelling from South Africa northwards and visa versa. Buses leave every morning for the major cities in and around Zambia and it is advisable to book your tickets the night before and turn up 30moins before the bus is scheduled to leave.
If you are travelling northwards, wherever you are going you will be passing through Lusaka. The 7 hour bus ride costs roughly 20 usd and is pleasant enough, as long as the bus doesn’t break down. Mazhandu and Johane are your best bet.