Chawama Community Development Trust (CCDT), Lusaka

Accommodation: TEV Members receive the volunteer discount at Kalulu Backpackers

About CCDT: Chawama Community Development Trust has a rather modest mandate – to keep youth off the streets, in school and away from the temptations of alcohol and sex. They do this through sports training. You may be forgiven for thinking (as I did) that soccer is just a game and has little to do with the healthy development of teenagers, but spend time in the compound and with the girls and boys of CCDT you will see it’s so much more.
Zambians are soccer mad and if you want to engage anyone in conversation, just ask them how their national teams are doing and you’ll be entertained for an hour. So it’s not hard for CCDT to get youth interested in joining, but it’s what they do once they are signed up that’s interesting.
Until recently in Zambia, it was only boys that played football; a girls place was at home cleaning, not playing football. CCDT, however, has challenged this idea and uses the game as a tool for bringing about social change. CCDT brings the kids in through soccer, but once they have their undivided attention, they use this platform to address the social issues facing the youth and to encourage school attendance. In fact CCDT insist that all its members attend school, and if a child is not attending school they will endeavour to find out the reason why and assist where possible.
Today there are over 100 boys and girls involved in the daily soccer coaching sessions carried out on the local community pitch in the centre of Chawama and, despite their limited resources, the club is enjoying their fair share of successes. No less than 3 of the girls from the senior team have played at a national level and they serve as inspirational role models for those coming up beneath them. As the girls themselves say, through playing soccer they have learnt the importance of staying in school and avoiding drugs and unprotected sex, they have learnt about hard work, commitment and working as a team and they have found a safe place to discuss their issues among peers.
Soccer may be just a game, but it is changing the lives of Chawama's youth.

Current projects:

  • The Valuable Girl Child Project (engaging girls in soccer)
  • Kick the plastic mountain project (collecting plastic from Chawama)
  • The back to school educational development project (pomoting and supporting youth in school
  • Integrated soccer and life development project (tackling local social problems through support)

Current Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Soccer coaching
  • Other: CCDT located beside the Chamwama Youth Project which has many volunteer opportunities. See profile pages for CYP and KKC.

Accommodation: Volunteers stay at Kalulu Backpackers

Requirements: A minimum commitment of 1 month and experience in playing/coaching soccer.

Getting there: Kalulu backpackers with is located < 10 minute walk from the city centre. Local buses run all day from the city centre to the Chawama compound and the daily 30 min bus ride will give you the chance to really experience the sights, sounds and smells of the city!! A representative from CCDT will meet you at Kalulu and take the bus with you the first few times to until you are well acquainted with the route.


Phone number: 00260-977-743349

Skype ID: Andrew Tembo Bolotov


Contact CCDT to apply for current volunteer opportunities


Local kids watching the saturday soccer games

Girls Saturday Soccer Game


Chawama Main Street

Chawama Village


After school training

After school training


Chawama Compound, Lusaka