Badilisha Eco Village

Badilisha is an eco village on Rusinga Island, Lake Victoria, which promotes sustainable living practices, in particular in food production and domestic issues, guided by the ethics and principles of permaculture. The aim is to provide food security, good health, full access to education and a healthy natural environment in a sustainble manner to all of its members.
Rusinga Island bares many burdens, which are driven or exacerbated by distal issues such as climate change and global inequalities. Challenges include poverty and unemployment, HIV/AIDS, lack of education and illiteracy, drought, infectious disease (including malaria), under nutrition and malnutrition, deforestation and soil degradation, collapsing fisheries and domestic violence. Badilisha has emerged as a response to these widespread challenges. It is a locally driven initiative, which engages, inspires and teaches the Rusinga community. It also has international partnerships, and welcomes visitors, students and volunteers from abroad to learn from and contribute to the farm and community

Current Projects:

  • Development of permaculture demonstration, education and resource centre
  • Creations of on-site internet services and a library
  • Feeding programme for orphans and vulnerable children in the surrounding community
  • Outreach programmes within the local community, teaching and demonstrating sustainable farming and other practices
  • Building a campsite to attract tourists and provide further income for the centre

Current Volunteer Opportunities

  • Permaculture: capacity building and training farmers on various techniques of crop production & integrated pest control along with hands on work at the demonstration centre
  • On-site Preschool teacher assistant
  • Teachers assistant at local primary school
  • Community outreach education on environmental conservation
  • ICT expert for creation of an internet based resource center. Volunteers will also need to assist with fundraising to develop centre
  • Tourism & marketing to develop on-site campsite and tourism facility esp those with experience in Community Based Tourism
  • Herbalist with knowledge of tropical plants


One months minimum stay.


Badilisha provides onsite accommodation covering room and food. Costs are 10 usd per day and TEV members receive the usual 50 Euro discount. Facilities include:

  • Single rooms with pit latrines & bucket showers.
  • Electricity is solar powered and can be used for laptops and cellphone charging.
  • A Camping site where volunteers with tents can stay.
  • 24 hour security

Getting there:

Rusinga Island is not easy to get to! you must:

  • Fly to Nairobi
  • Get to Kisumu which either involves taking a domestic flight (this is recommended! book online with BA or Swisport, cost is approx 120 usd) or taking the 7-9 hour bus. Take the daytime bus (avoid night travel for security reasons) from Machakos Bus Station. Cost is 20 usd dollars.
  • In Kisumu, take a public bus (2 hours) to the ferry terminal at Luanda Kotieno. Ferries depart for Mbita at 3.00 am,11.00am, 9.00pm and 6.00pm and the cost is 3 usd per person.
    (*Alternatively, you can take a bus from Machakos bus station in Nairobi to Hombay town, and then a local bus to Mbita).
  • From Mbita take a taxi or motor bike ( 12 and 1 Dollars respectively) to Badilisha. It is well known in Rusinga Island, but if they cant locate it, ask the driver to drop you at Kaswanga village next to Kaswanga primary school, there you will see badilisha sign post on the road side.

Other activities:

There are opportunities for hiking in the small hill tops to wacth beautiful evening sun set, bird watching, swimming , sporting activities like playing football, visiting local churches to see our local ways of worship, participating in community cultural events , water sports at a nearby safari lodge ,fishing and also travelling to watch wildlife in anearby Ruma national park, there is also posibilities of visiting thim lich ohinga, Tom Mboya Museleuim,simbi Nyaima, which are all historical sites.

Contact Badilisha

Community members working at BadilishaGarden at Badilisha


Volunteers at Badilisha

Volutneers at Badilisha

Papaya trees growing in the garden

Papaya Trees at Badilisha




Location of Rusinga Island, Lake Victoria